Why Thailand?

Po Bay
Po Bay

I just give you here some comparisons points, without any logic...


Buddhist at 95%, respect, peace, tolerance and meditation are part of the outline of this religion or philosophy.


Thai people revere the Royal Family.


It's an Asian culture and anymore a Latin...


Away from Europe, The West countries and long far that kind of political system who takes us like if we are a "milk cow", it's french expression.


Gasoline is 50% cheaper than Europe.


Phuket hospitals to world-renowned quality of care and services.


The cigarettes are for 60 THB to the package, or +/- 1.20€, or even less expensive for the local cigarettes.


No application for authorization to construct, no instrument of urban development, no eco-tax, no energy passport, no water bill, no sewage invoice,household waste fee is 7€ per year...


No heating bills.


Tropical's plants with paradise beach.


Climat quiet, no gale, no hurricane, no earth quake,...just one tsunami every hundreds years.


You can eat in local restaurants for 50 THB or +/-1€  per person, a complete meal and a coke. 


In a tourist restaurant on the beach with a view and a beautiful setting, appetizers, courses, deserts and drinks for two people for +/-10€. 


No speed control, no alcohol test, no rules on the roads, no technical control, here, it's only glaxons and flashing the headlights but without aggressivity, only to serve you...difficult to imagine.


For +/- 150€ per month, you can have the services a housekeeper, or a gardener, or a drive, or a guard...


Violence, theft, delinquance, no exist because all Thai people know the rules of detention,which are the same for all adolescents. And nobody wants to have some problems with the authorities...


In Thailand, we forget the stress of a rule of life is " Not too fast in the morning and slowly in the afternoon".


The price of a car is 30 to 40% cheaper than in Europ and comprehensive insurance is free the first year, and +/- 200€ per year for a big 4X4.


The Thai massage price for one hour is +/-5€...


The Big Mac cost 73 THB or +/- 1.70 euros.


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