Why Khao Lak?

Plage de Khao Lak
Plage de Khao Lak

-Khao Lak are a paradise on earth.

-Khao Lak Tourism  grow and the authorities have chosen to turn to family tourism, clean, quite.

-There are 15 big resorts and numerous construction projects, but all respecting nature, the environment, to preserve the balance among the vegetation. There are no high building spoiling the view because the building height limit is 2 or 3 stages depending on the place.

-We live among the white sand beaches (the most beautiful in Thailand) and the jungle.

-No insecurity, not violence as public fights, no theft or burglary, you can leave when you want and at any time without worrying about his safety.

-There do not like sex tourism in Phuket.

-No-class tourist who thinks only of drinking or taking drugs.

-Small-town where everyone knows each other.

-There is no traffic noise, congestion or too many people on the beach and in the shops, away from noise, far from pollution and bad odors.

-It is quite far from Phuket to not have its negative sides, but close enough to be able to make a jump and do shopping, nightlife, enjoy some shopping at bargain prices, hospitals reputation internationally, and make Occasionally a bath crazy. But soon we return to Khao Lak.


-It is on the mainland so life is much cheaper than on islands like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Phi Phi. The rainy season is less rainy than elsewhere on these islands.

-Land is still cheap for now, but the market will rise. Logic of a station that is booming.

-The activitées watercraft are prohibited and any that might harm the nature.

-But on the other hand, there are a lot of towers used to explore the jungle, lakes, rivers, the various islands like the Similan, Surin, Koh task, which is a paradise for divers and snorking.

"It is also the local market, with its fish, fresh fruits ... directly from the producer and guarantee cheap prices and its quality

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