Rent Investment.

We propose a easy and rentable way for your house when you are not in Thailand.


You rent to the familly, to the friends, to colleague or make a advertising in a local new paper, in your town, around you.

Khlong Rian Bay Sunset
Khlong Rian Bay Sunset

Your customers go to Khao Lak (example: + / -500 € / person round-trip from Munich to Phuket), and here we take things in hand, transfert from Phuket Airport to your home, checking in and house intruduction and surrounding areas, excursions to discover.


At the end of holidays, we make the check out, transfert to the airport. And your customers leave your house in happy conditions and you win money from your investment.


No customers, we maintain the garden, pool and will cleaned before some arrival.


Do not try to make a huge profit on a client but rather to satisfy their travel and they'll make a good advertisement.


At first time, you can build a little cottage, builded intelligently for the day you want to move in Thailand, we can enlarge without making big changes. Moreover, in Thailand, we live more outside than inside the house.


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