House 120 sqm

Swimming pool (8m on 4m)

On a land of 600 sqm or 6 ares.

For 5 250 000 THB 


You spend 1 or 2 months by year in your holiday house, you paid only the travel, around +/- 500 or 600 euro per people.

Rest of the years, you rent. A advice price for have a lot of customers all the years are 150 euro by night, a resort ask  minimum 800 euro, for the same prestation.

You a few advertising around you, and quickly you'll rent your property 6 months a years. So,

150 euro x 180 jours= 27 000 euro per years.

In 5 years, your house, your land and pool are rentable.

For any questions, send me an e-mail?

It was decided that Khao Lak and the surrounding area, after Phuket become the new destination of choice.


Everything is implemented for this region to becoming the first destination for couples, families and any person wishing to offer a quiet vacation, green, without the nightclubs sounds, jet-skis...Khao Lak is a protected national park, making it retains its status as a vacation haven.


But back to what interests us here, the investment.


The real estate will grow phenomenaly in the coming years. Land prices, which are still affortable soared and the construction companies will follow the train.If you compare the prices in Phuket, in few years, Khao Lak will be at the same level.


In buying a land now, their valueswill double very quickly. In building today at reasonable prices, you can spend your vacation at home, air travel from germany to Phuket cost around +/-500€ per person round trip. And for those interested, you can return your property by renting.


We offer land at very attractive prices, and building in a very qualities, no surprises, with pictures sent like a report every week if you still live far, and a prices based on actual costs of materiels and labor.


We do not have a "tourists" price.


The evidence, other than the government releases, the future development of Khao Lak. The construction of new resorts constantly and the list goes on. New shopping center are coming. A big artificial dam are coming soon also, first for serve as a source of drinking water butalso to develop new attractions revolving around  the lake and resorts will be built.


The funny reference, the arrival since 2010, a big world famous fast food...


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