Kinds of visas in Thailand.

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It excist many other visas that those present here.

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Retirement visas.

This visa, which lasts up to one year, is designed for retirees, but also suitable for non-retired justifying requirements. It is called Visa "OA" (also called "non-OA" as "non-immigrant OA). The Visa "OA" is the right to stay one year (long stay), but does not have a job. This visa must be renewed at the whim of the Thai government.

Ages: at least 50 years

Contacts: have a pension of at least 65,000 Baht per month (€ 1,500 / month minimum), or / and a capital of 800,000 Baht (17,000 ) deposited in a bank account in Thailand for at least 120 days (possibly a need to make first trip to Thailand), or a combination of these two conditions (as 32.500B/mois 400.000B and bank). Whatever the origin of resources, it may be a retirement, disability pension, annuity, rental income ...

be healthy

Single-entry fee, valid for 3 months: 50 (2000B)
-price multiple-entry valid 1 year: 120 (5000B)

 50-more: minimum monthly income of 1,500 (65,000 Baht) and / or bank deposits of € 17,000 (800,000 Baht)

Tourism visas.

Available in person (or representation by a provider) has the Royal Embassy of Thailand (before traveling):

-payment of 30 euro entry

-proof of means of subsistence (500 euro per person or 1000 per family)

Validity of visa: after issuing the visa, the stay must begin within three months for a visa for one entry. Or within 6 months for a multiple entry visa. Caution: Do not confuse the visa validity and duration of stay permitted.

Length of stay: normally 30 or 60 days per entry (upon grant of the visa, you must verify that the buffer used with the correct dates).

Extension of tourist visa ("tourist visa extension")

The extension of a visa is possible in some cases, the first time in 30 days (1900B), and again 10 days (also 1900B). Apply an office of immigration

Non B or Non O visas.

to pay 2000 Baht for a visa allowing a single entry, 5,000 baht for a visa allowing multiple entries.

Thai-language translation, official documents written in french

-Leadtime: 48 hours

-The non-immigrant visa allows an initial stay of 90 days, unless otherwise specified by the Office of the Immigration Office (which is accessed by the consulate before granting a visa).

-The non-immigrant visa allows a job after obtaining a Work Permit (procedure in Thailand).

-The residence permit may be extended upon request at 1 year (especially after getting the Work Permit).

Education visas.

For a 1 year renewable visa, you will need a letter of admission to the training institution, or training certificate.

You can subscribe to it, for example, language courses (English or Thai).

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