Right to proprity.

Thai law, about real estate, stipulates that foreigners are not allowed to own land in their own name, or property, if the house was registered with the site, there is no possibility of separating them.

There are however several possibilities for a foreigner to own property.

1.Under keeping putting the name of your partner.
2.Au name of a Thai person with a mortgage.
3.Create a real estate company.
4By a lease.
5.Par a credit agreement with the seller.

1. By putting the name of keeping your partner.
This solution is the simplest and most economical, but careful separation and divorce are also available in Thailand, and in this case, you lose everything.


2. On behalf of a Thai person with a mortgage.
Find a Thai person who agrees to sign as owner, but you ask a mortgage lender as there will be some costs to the land office to register the mortgage, but the property can be sold without your consent.
And you are the owner signed a transfer document blank, and you can easily change hands in the future.

3. create a real estate company.
Foreigners may establish a limited liability company property, land or property is recorded as an asset of the company.
The alien may have a maximum of 49% of the shares of that company from Thai law, the remaining 51% being owned by Thais. The stranger was appointed Executive Director in the unique association of the company, and Thai shareholders sign contracts for the transfer of shares, undated, at the time of registration.
This gives 100% control of the assets of the company's director. These shareholders may be replaced at any time by the director according to his wishes.
The company generates a fee, the company has assets, it needs to manage, therefore the rent, which gives an account of rentals and therefore taxes on rents, but it will not look far.
And create the company but also provides costs at resale, resale if there is, there is just change the name of the manager of the company.
And the company you lease the property for a period of 30 years renewable.
attention, the company must not be dormant, meaning that you regularly have accounts and pay taxes.


4. by a lease.
Foreigners can lease property for a period of 30 years with a clause giving priority for the next 30 years. the heirs of donors are required by law to honor this agreement, the lessee can bequeath the lease and his heirs in a will (to be drafted with a lawyer)
This type of lease should be registered compulsorily land office, and the tenant is on the title, the property can not be sold without the termination of the lease.

5. For a credit agreement with the seller.
Rather than buy or rent, payment of the property can be registered as a loan to the seller, by contract, the Land Office. The loan value is evaluated in light of the property value, plus capital gains to come, taking into account the possible evolution of the market.
The buyer's name appears on the title as a creditor, which effectively prevents the registered owner to sell his property prior to fully repay the loan.

The difficulty of this solution is to anticipate market developments in general and the particular sector, some areas may take a lot of value quickly. This solution is more difficult to assess over time
Whatever the solution, surround yourself with people serious and competent.

Sale Guest House or House
Sale Guest House or House

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